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Family Law

Family law is one of the most cumbersome areas of law, due to the emotionally charged nature of disputes between parents and their children. Whether you are hiring a $300 per hour attorney or representing yourself, you must understand that family law can be extremely challenging and many areas of legal concern tend to cross over and can get tangled. If you have a multitude of assets or possessions in dispute, services such as business valuations may be required, a valuation of portfolios may also be required, and not to mention the possibility of highly expensive support that may need to be paid after the case is final. Bottom line, if you are engaging in a family law issue, you should be just as prepared emotionally to handle the situation as you would to be educationally informed.

Even though this family law matter may be a hard time for you and your children, in many cases, remember that it is a temporary situation.

Most parents are faced with these questions: how to win child custody, how to win full custody, how to win sole custody, how to win custody of my son, or how to win custody of my daughter?

Ideally, a family court judge’s primary concern in all family law cases is that the best interests of the child are in order.


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