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In any event, we want to confirm that the heart of ATC is to help you:

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ATC wants you to feel comfortable moving forward with us in helping you. If
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owner if needed.

ATC staff

Terrill F. ***** 5-Star Posted 7/1/2011

My name is Terrill and I want to say About The Children is the real deal everyone. After all of the problems and grief I've had in the past about getting visitation time with my daughter, I started my search for a cheaper way to go to court to see my daughter. I came across ATC and read up on them. Their website really gave me the confidence I needed to contact them. The staff at ATC are very professional and kind. The second I made that call to About The Children, all of my hopes were restored. They've been here with me every step of the way. They've supported me so much. Every time I went to the court house, I felt like they were right behind me and were also walking with me. Without them, I would have never had the chance to make it pass square one. When they told me they'll be there every step of the way, they meant that. I came to a stopping point in my case the other day. I didn't know what to do or where to find the proper documents to continue with my case. The other party I took to court refused family mediation after we were order to do so by they judge. I made a call to About The Children. I was in a position where I needed to be pointed in the right direction. They took over and once again made me the captain of my case by providing me with the proper documents to wrap this case up. This is my testimony and I know GOD led me to them. Make that call to 1-800-787-4981 if you really want justice in your life and want to maintain a relationship with your kids. A smile on a child's face is a priceless memory. About The Children can and will help you to be able to witness and cherish those moments for the rest of your life for little or nothing.
Terrill F. - 7/1/2011
Cynthia K. ***** 5-Star Posted on 10/28/2013
My custody case

I needed to take custody of my 4 year old grandson but did not have the money to pay a lawyer. I heard about "About the Children" on line so I gave it a try. I saved over $1500.00.It was the best experience to deal with them. They took my information and sent me all the paperwork I needed for my state. I followed the instructions and filed the papers with the county clerk. They then instructed me on sending out certified mail to each defendant. Everything worked like a charm. The judge complemented me on doing everything myself. I can't say enough about "About the Children". They are wonderful.
Cynthia K. - 10/28/2013
Joan L. ***** 5-Star Posted on 10/10/2013
helping make thing right

I had a great experience with them and using there services I have been able to connect with my grandson. I do not believe it would have happened without there help.
They gave me guidance, encouragement and took all the aspects related to my situation into consideration. I really wanted to thank them and would recommend them to anyone who has a need for there skills.
Joan L. - 10/10/2013
Marcella M. ***** 5-Star Posted on 6/27/2013

I was upset I didn't have the money to hire an attorney,and battle yet another custody issue. My ex husband refuses to be civil in anything with our daughter. When I came across ATC online, I thought it was a joke. They returned my call the same day,and I was so relieved that they could do all my court papers for me. I received them quickly and all of the information I needed to go to court. ATC is a blessing for sure.Now just waiting for an actual court date. Thank you so much for everything! Marcella M. - 6/27/2013
John L. ***** 5-Star Posted on 6/19/2013
child custody

Thank you for helping me setup visitation with my daughter. In doing this I was able to began a custody claim and I've got a lawyer from legal aid in Louisiana to help with my case. I recommend everyone that is having an issue with getting their child or paternity. Thank you so much!! My child is with me now.
John L. - 6/19/2013
Tenishia D. **** 4-Star Posted on 7/22/2012
A Great Help! My husband and I were assisted in the visitation rights for his two sons and they presented us with the correct rough and final drafts needed in perusing these rights! Because of this organization we now have legal custody and visitation rights! This Organization has truly blessed us after three years of not being able to visit with the children due to the fact that my husband has moved on and gotten married, he now has all parental rights as well as she does and every other weekend visitation, including half of Christmas, Mother's day and Father's day split in half !!!! Now my husband has the opportunity to establish a relationship with his children (6 and 8) Thanks to ATC
Tenisha D. - 7/22/2012
John W. **** 4-Star Posted on 5/9/2012
Just what I needed - They have helped me any time I needed it the most. Thomas was always willing to take with me and support me any time I called him for help, God bless him and all of you for being there for me.
John W. - 5/9/2012
Victor S. ***** 5-Star
Posted on 5/8/2012
About The Children really helped me with the legal process to have all the tools I needed to fight for the custody of my child. One word of advice, through the process, is to be patient and have faith that you can really get custody of your child. Thanks About The Children and God Bless.
Victor S. - 5/8/2012
Jackie K. ***** 5-Star Posted on 4/10/2012
bout the Children is a Godsend! My son's 3 year old child lives in South Carolina with a mother who abuses meth, has her grandmother watch the child so she can party and rarely sees her son. My son and his wife have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get custody and/or visitation rights in place. Until we found ATC, we had no hope. This organization has helped us fill out & file the correct paperwork, we can call anytime we have questions and they call back promptly and they help us get what we need to fight for my grandson. Their fees are minimal, but they do so much. If you need help concerning your child, I highly recommend About the Children and cannot thank them enough.
Jackie K. - 4/10/2012
Marge B. ***** 5-Star Posted on 12/8/2011
My son and I contacted About the Children to help us with his daughter and my grandchild. We did not want to spend thousands on lawyers. We were at first skeptical on how this could work since they were not here in Denver. But they assured us they could help. I would like to say that they are Truly About the Children. We had a turn of events and a glitch in our situation but About the Children were Great in sticking with us and supporting our dilemma. I would recommend them highly to anyone who is not wanting to spend thousands on an attorney if they do not need to. I would like you to know their integrity as a business is OUTSTANDING. They are again sincerely "About The Children".
Thank you
Marge and Bryan Beem Centennial, Colorado - 12/8/2011
Paula R. ***** 5-Star Posted on 9/9/2011
Let's see how shall I start? - About the children did what others couldn't! Many hours and dollars were spent on the divorce attorney I had previously and he couldn't get an agreement together to stop my ex from doing whatever he so-pleased regarding our daughter. The case I have been going thru has been strenuous and hard to say the least with my ex husband. He has been keeping our daughter from me on and off for the past 2 and half years while going thru this vicious divorce. After speaking with about the children, I agreed for them to draw up documents for my case. Tim was my case advocate and he was very helpful in answering some of my many questions I had about family court and encouraged me while going thru this situation with getting the rights to see my daughter. I know there are some negative reviews about this company, but for those of you who can read between the lines, I think these people are just mad that they couldn't afford to pay. The fees were explained perfectly to me with no surprises. My personal experience with them was great and that is why I am writing this review to help them out with their name. Thank you about the children for all your assistance in helping my daughter get the time with her mother that she rightfully deserves!!


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Dan W. ***** 5-Star Posted on 6/15/2011
I thank ATC for helping me get visitation of my child just before summer time started. This has been a year long battle with my ex and I had no where else to turn. I called ATC after searching on the internet to see if they could help. Going through their process was easy and they met my expectations in the services they provided. My documents included everything I wanted the judge to hear and he ordered that I have visitation with my son the same day! Thank you Thank you Thank you About The Children!!

Business responded on 6/25/2011

After reading this latest review, we wanted to take a minute to say "THANK YOU" to those members who have taken the time to write reviews about how ATC has helped them!

Should you choose to have ATC assist you, in addressing (your) Family Law situation, rest assured - we only want to help you experience what is fair, AND in the best interest of your children.
Sincerely, Staff - ATC

Hilary M. ***** 5-Star Posted on 5/3/2011
I am happy to inform you that I have won my child custody case. I greatly appreciate everything ATC has done for me and thank you from the bottom of my heart. ATC saved me and my child from an expensive and probably horrible outcome. Thank you so much again and I will definitely keep in touch.
Hilary, Lincoln, IL
Shaun H. ***** 5-Star Posted on 2/23/2011
I decided to cancel my membership with them because I found out from talking to a local attorney that there was nothing that could be done at this time either way. After talking with them and reasoning with them about why I feel that I deserved a refund for my non-refundable $98 they decided to oblige me since they were not able to help me. They reassured me that even though it doesn't say it in the fine print that they do issue refunds to people if they can not help them. That is what would give me the peace of mind to be a returning customer if needed. Thank you and keep up the good work ATC.

Sandra W. ***** 5-Star Posted on 1/3/2011
It's amazing - I got my whole issue resolved! About the Children got my information included in the court documents that the Judge agreed to, and signed. My son gets to stay in his school of 2 years, my ex gets to visit him, but can't just go grab him any time he wants. I just wanted the best for our son, and now his father agrees - well maybe because he has to. Anyway, I was fair and the Judge saw that. Good way to start the new year!!! It's the way to go without worrying about a year-long bill! Thanks to you guys About the Children.
Sandra W. - Corpus Christi, TX

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Wilber M. ***** 5-Star Posted on 12/6/2010
Thank you so much for your help, my 3 sons are back in the best possible environment for them right now with my parents. They should be going back to school and have everything they needed back in place. Thank you very much
The McIntosh Family
Danielle G. ***** 5-Star Posted on 12/5/2010
They were amazing. I was completely confused and lost on what was going on because I did not have a lawyer. If it weren't for them I would have lost custody of my son. I appreciate all the advice that I was given, I didn't use the advocate services in court because I opted to get a lawyer but the legal advice was much appreciated. It's a great program and affordable.

Norman T. ***** 5-Star Posted on 10/5/2010
About the Children did an incredible job for me and my daughter! They created my documents with my feelings of what was best. In the hall at the court house the mom's attorney got in my face and told me my documents were too "chatty" and the judge would not read them. Before the judge, she tried to discount them but he interrupted her and said, "I read them and I like them. They tell the truth and are focused the facts about the child". Wow, the other side of the court room suddenly got real quite. Then, all the truth came out. I stayed quite just like ATC prepared me. I get to see my daughter now and we will finalize the schedule in the next hearing. As a member of www.fatherhoodcoalition.org all of our members now know how About The Children not only made me well received by the judge with the right documentation but encouraged me to stand up for my daughter on my own.
Norman Tompkins - Mansfleld, MA
Charlotte S. ***** 5-Star Posted on 9/11/2010
I do not where I would be today without About the Children (ATC)! They were there for me from day one and every step I took until I stood before the judge.

Good news! The judge gave me Temporary Guardianship over my great grandson. It was a long haul and I was encouraged in every phone call to ATC. God has blessed them. You can trust them.
Charlotte S - Tulare, CA

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Scott H. ***** 5-Star Posted on 9/8/2010
I was served custody papers by my ex I was devastated with no idea who to turn to. I was a stay at home dad because she insisted on it, and now wanted a new life in which neither I nor our son was provided for. I found About The Children (ATC) by just searching the web.

My case advocate was understanding and sympathetic. He listened as I told how our lives were coming unglued. Then, he helped me through the process of putting together my counter-petition. I don't know how long he talked to me, but my cell phone bill was literally hours over the course of several days. Try doing that with an hourly attorney- a lot less expensive!

ATC put me at ease, prepared and sent my documents. Then, I filed with the court and my ex was put on notice that she wasn't going to destroy the life of our son, or me, with her selfishness. What's important about this? I didn't have the money for an hourly attorney at the time. ATC was able to put together all of the required paperwork I needed, sent me information on how to act in court, and made sure that I was prepared for what came next, all within my budget.

While now, I need local counsel for the divorce proceedings, I couldn't have met them with confidence without ATC. The attorney said the documents are well done and will be accepted by the court. ATC does good work. And if you have questions, here is my email address. I'll answer them all, because I believe ATC is what saved my son and me.

Scott H - Plano, TX

Sharon W. ***** 5-Star Posted on 9/8/2010
About the Children provided me with all the tools I needed to show the judge, including a Family Plan and a Court Preparation. The judge gave me the visitation I wanted. This was the best and most affordable investment I have ever made. I have already sent them some of my friends.
Sharon W - Brooklyn, NY

Brian K. ***** 5-Star Posted on 9/2/2010
About the Children (ATC) heard my concerns and prepared my documents they way I wanted them to please the court. The mother and the judge knew what was best for my children before we got to court. ATC's court preparation was very helpful on how to behave in court and the judge gave me full custody over my son and joint with visitation for my daughter. Wow! I never thought I would see the day. Everyone here is thrilled. ATC made this process affordable and me successful in family court. I will refer them to all my family and friends.
Brian K. - Corona, CA

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John B. ***** 5-Star Posted on 7/20/2010
About the Children (ATC) showed me that way through Family Court. They prepared my documents so that my son's mother and the judge knew clearly what I felt was best for my son. The judge (after mediation) gave me joint legal custody and the visitation I wanted.

I pick my son up today for our summer time together. ATC made it affordable and me successful in family court. I highly recommend them.

JB, Jr. - Owingsmills, MD

Diane R. ***** 5-Star Posted on 7/10/2010
The judge signed our new court order! As a member, About The Children heard our concerns, we approved our "Drafts", they shipped our docs and we filed. We now have custody of our Granddaughter! Thank you ATC- you made it simple and affordable.
DR - Pittsburg, PA

Joe C. ***** 5-Star Posted on 6/22/2010
Everything looks good, I like it. You guys, About The Children, have been great, I can't thank you enough. I do have one concern. You guys need to advertise, because I only found out about you through our Real Estate lawyer. I would have never found you guys on my own. And it's a shame cause you guys are great and I appreciate everything you've done for me especially in the short time I was given.
Again Thank You.
Joe C., Maudlin, SC

Rudy T. ***** 5-Star Posted on 6/16/2010
I enrolled with About The Children after checking out a few groups or businesses that help parents, make sure you read both reviews AND complaints on organizations you are considering. I'm glad I chose About Children - they did what they promised, and I got my papers filed! Thanks about the children for your affordable help! Your name is a good one for your organization.

Michael W. ***** 5-Star Posted on 5/27/2010
Planning a wedding is enough hard work with out having to deal with a family law issue that came up. Thank God for About The Children! They were a tremendous help. The judge got the paperwork and the mother was not only ordered to allow dad's visitation time but my four year old gets to attend our up and coming wedding. Wow, so glad that issue is over. Now, time to meet with the caterer...
MW and the future Mrs. MW, Pineland, SC

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Al-Kalique H. ***** 5-Star Posted on 4/1/2010
About The Children (ATC) is a very valuable and appropriate organization for addressing family law concerns. This is true because their representatives are very sensitive and mostly concerned about the children. Many people, in my position, approach ATC confused, frustrated, tired, distraught and in an overall difficult situation. ATC takes a calm approach to set their members at ease and help them understand what members need to do to achieve desired results.

In my particular case, they were extremely attentive and responded to my requests immediately. They were very upfront and explained the entire process from the beginning. They do all of this at minimal cost. I had an effective experience working with ATC and would definitely use their services in the future, if necessary. Thanks for everything, About The Children!
Sincerely AH - Jacksonville, FL

Derrick M. ***** 5-Star Posted on 2/14/2010
To whom it may concern,
The staff at About The Children were very helpful from the very beginning. I learned much about my rights and how to enforce them in family court. The organization is definitely phenomenal in delivering their attentive attention to detail to client needs. Everything worked out superbly. I will recommend them to future candidates needing these services.
DM- Ft. Lee, VA

Kathy O. ***** 5-Star Posted on 12/22/2009
I had a very good experience working with About The Children. After enrolling and becoming a member, I spoke with my Case Advocate. I was up lifted and coached on how to stand boldly before the judge on behalf of my son. It went great! My son is coming home. Many thanks to About the Children- they are very helpful. I am recommending them to my friends with family law issues.
Kathy O. Clearlake, CA

Eugene V. ***** 5-Star Posted on 12/22/2009
As a member of About The Children (ATC) parent advocate group I have been encouraged all the way. They helped me focus at what is important and that is my child. The About The Children team made this process as painless as possible and helped me in my communication with all parties involved and everything is working out. Thanks ATC. You are definitely are about God's children!
Eugene - PA

Joseph R. ***** 5-Star Posted on 10/6/2009
To those in need: My experience with About The Children (ATC) has been nothing but positive. First, I was educated and reassured that Family Court is not scary place. The judge is just looking for the written facts about what is for the child. Second, ATC gave me the tools to move forward. In my case, I took my copy of the ATC Attorney Approved Family Law Plan to show the mother of my child. It let her know how serious I am in this matter. And, last but not least, we ended up agreeing. A plus is that in our case, we are working on getting back together. So many thanks to ATC for the encouragement and the tools to resolve this matter. Well worth my $100.00 enrollment to become a member. I recommend them to anyone in the middle of family law issues.
JD- Denver, CO

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